The Random Hookup
The concept behind The Random Hookup was to create a social simulation dealing with relationships. In this world, you act as a mediator at a party between a woman with Turret's Syndrome, Kelly, and a socially inept computer geek, Billy. Along the way, you get both of them to consume beverages of questionable alcoholic content, take money from the drunken bouncer, steal a shirt from one of the other partygoers, and bribe the DJ to put on slow 80's music. During all of this, you must make sure not to become too drunk and to neither pick up Kelly nor Billy yourself.

Lacrimosa is Latin for "tearful." The world begins as you follow a flying bird towards a young girl in the middle of a dead birch forest. As you approach the little girl, the birds fly away and the little girl runs off into the fog. Following the little girl into the fog, you reach a clearing underneath a tree with fireflies swarming around a red flower. The little girl picks the flower and runs off towards a patch of greenery in the distance. When you reach the green clearing, a bright flash occurs and the entire forest comes to life. You see the little girl standing by a gravestone, and she places the red flower on the grave and turns to you saying: "I never had the chance to say goodbye, maybe now you can finally rest in peace." Thus, the big realization at the end is that you are the ghost which the little girl is mourning for.

SnowBrawl is world based around a fun activity: a snowball fight. In this world you stand atop a snowfort in the middle of a suburban area. Using magnetic tracking technology, you actually throw real balls in order to hit virtual people, houses, cars, and trees. Additionally, you must duck your opponent's snowballs in order to not be hit. Every object in the environment responds to snowballs being thrown at them. The windows in the houses break, the kids fall over, the snow falls off of the trees, and the car gets snow splotches on it.

Memories of Life
Memories of life spawned from the concept of a near death experience. If you were given the choice between life or death, what path would you take. In this world, you play a man who has just lost his wife in a tragic car accident. As you are being prepped for surgery, you lie in a wheelchair. During this time, you leave your body and pass through rooms as you head towards a bright light. Within each room you have flashbacks of important moments in your life: when you proposed to your wife and when you married your wife. As you head towards the end of the tunnel, you hear a surgeon's voice in the distance saying that if you survive you will never be able to walk again. In the final room, you are given the choice between joining the love of your life in heaven, or returning to the world of living alone and crippled.

The Quest for the Holy Grail
Based on Monty Python and the Quest for the Holy Grail, you play Tim the Enchanter and King Arthur through several hilarious scenes from the movie. Like the movie, this world makes fun of its medium. The difference is that the medium is the computer and not film. As Tim the Enchanter, not only do you get to blow a bird out of the sky, you also get to blow up Microsoft clippy. As King Arthur, you chop the limbs off of the black knight and get taunted by the French knight. Finally, in the end, you get a cow thrown on you. Throughout all of this, various people get sacked, including the painter and Bill Gates.